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our works includes campaign strategy, content creation, event activation and video production

Ionz Digital Creative, is a Jakarta based hybrid-agency with over 10 years of production experiences in the Indonesia & Worldwide markets.

Forged by countless experiences, we aim to generate infinitive ideas and finalize it by passion to create masterpiece. Our objective always find a way to break the boundaries and elevate your brand to become the top of mind of consumers.

Pocari Sweat Bintang SMA 2021 [TVC]
OUR Video Production Portfolio
(Giri as Executive Producer)
Boncabe MAXEND [TVC]
Vinilon - Generasi Kuat & Lentur [TVC]
NOAH - Bintang di Surga [MV]

our works include brand campaign, content creation, SEO/SEM optimization, digital marketing and many more...

Our Client
(For Campaign Strategy & Content Creation)
Our Latest Events
(Brand Activation, Event Support, Grand Launching, etc)

KoinWorks Media Gathering
& Press Release

Pertamina PGE Family Gathering

Grand Launching
KoinWorks Product

BRI Apps Launching

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